donderdag 2 mei 2013

Kate Johnson.

Hello, please accept my apology and pardon my manner for writing you this way without getting to know you well before now.I'm sending you this letter to seek your attention on my health condition.My Name is Kate Johnson currently on sick bed for breast cancer,My medical report confirmed less hope for survival.I need Godly person to handle humanitarian project in my Name. Read my attached letter for more:

Hello, Apology for invading your privacy. I was looking through my email book then came across your email as the spirit lead, being praying for direction to meet someone that can be trusted with my life endeavors for humanitarian project. I’m Kate Johnson 70yrs old from England affected with cancer of the breast and my condition has deteriorated to stage 4.
My surgical specialist has confirmed that it will difficult to survive my next upcoming surgery base on my age. A medical report check on me also confirmed that as well. Right now, am left with no hope as a childless widow.
According to my medical report, I might not live more than 1 month after or during my upcoming surgery. Considering my medical report, I have been touched by the lord to give my inheritance from my late husband to less privilege through  a Godly hearted person as my spirit leads for good work to humanity rather to allow my heartless relatives to use my hard earned funds inappropriately.
I have been Praying to God for direction to meet a Godly minded person, I was touched to write you after spotting your email address, I thought of giving you a try by writing to know more about you.
I need to know you better and see if you can handle a humanitarian project in my name (KATE JOHNSON HOME OF THE NEEDY) I am willing to donate my life endeavor to the poor through a Godly minded person since am left with no hope of living any longer.
Do you have yahoo messenger for instant communication we need to understand ourselves better and acknowledge my reasons for making this decision. Well, I want to know you more as soon as possible because I don’t know how soon I will be book for surgery.
Do you have a webcam? I will like to know you facially as we progress.
I Wait your Reply.
Kate Johnson

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