woensdag 3 april 2013

What will be your percentage?

Dearest One,

Accept my apology if this mail in any way offends you. However, please give attention to it if it interests your person.

I am Ms. Raisa Aban Jamal a Canadian with Lebanese origin. I am a widow, as I lost my husband in the Libya conflict years ago. I and my late husband works for United Nations Aid group and that was where he was killed while helping the war affected people in the country of Libya.

Presently I am in Syria precisely in Damascus. It happened that few months back, we intercepted a group of rebel soldiers carrying some luggage's which we thought were arms, and on getting closer to them with the help of the military support, they flew away and left those luggage's.

We took the luggages to our office in Damascus, and when we opened them we discovered arms in some of them while, one out of the luggage's contain huge some of money worth $7,500,000.00 (Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars Only)

We tried to contact that group but, all our effort was fruitless. However among those people with me when we intercepted the funds, have been killed recently by bombs, and very soon my mission here will come to an end.

However, my contact to you is for you to act as the owner of the luggage to enable UN diplomatic delivery agent bring the luggage to your country through the underground work which I have done already.

As the head of my department, I am the only one aware of the fund for now, and from the way the fund is packed, no one will ever dictate the true content without been told, so if you have accept to receive the funds in your country in cash through diplomatic means, please get back to me for more details. It is going to be a risk free transaction if only you will adhere to my instruction because; the matter is in my care.

Please note that there will be no telephone calls because all telephone conversations are been monitored here in the UN office. What will be your percentage after you receive the fund?

Best regards,
Ms. Raisa Aban Jamal

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