maandag 17 oktober 2011

God Bless You

Dear Beloved,

I am Dr. Adams Jeff 75 years of age an investor with Shell Oil Company from Benin. I use this medium
to write you concerning my health problem. I have been diagnosed with heart
cancer and the doctor says i have few days left, so having no relatives to
leave my funds with i sold all my belonging summing up to the amount of Four
Million Five Hundred and Eighty Thousand dollars (4,580,000.00).

I deposited the funds in my bank account and have written an international
anonymous cheque of the amount of Four Million Five Hundred and Eighty Thousand
dollars (4,580,000.00) and have given it to MONEY DELIVERY to be
delivered to you. I did this because of the fraudulent bankers who will take
over my account when they know i am dead.

To get the cheque contact MONEY DELIVERY services for the delivery of
the cheque to you. All you have to do is to pay them their cost of delivering
the cheque.

Suite 9, presidential road.
Benin Rep.

Please provide them my delivery code ALAN/549-UK684 and this information below
Your Full Name
Your home Address
Your office Address
Home telephone
Cell Telephone
scan copy of your Identity
Your Age
Your Occupation
Your Country

When the cheque is delivered to you, write your name on it for i have signed it
with the amount then you go to the bank and cash it.

Please beloved, promise you will use the funds to help the needy.

I will not be receiving messages or calls because i will be going for life

May the almighty God bless you

Dr. Adams Jeff

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