maandag 1 augustus 2011

It's for a good cause

Mrs. Nusrat Hameed Al-Ghrari

Dear Friend
The situation in Libya has completely taking a bad shape since the pro-Gadhafi
fighters and NATO has been bombing innocent civilians! From what I have seen
with my eyes here in Libya, I am no longer afraid of death for it will surely
come to everyone someday, but what is bothering me most is that I am still
alive and suffering in deep pains from injuries sustained in a bombblast that
killed my entire family. View the below link for more details:

My name is Mrs. Nusrat Hameed Al-Ghrari, the only survival of a bomb blast that
crushed our family resident in Libya, I am under serious medical attention and
all I pray for now is to die quickly and join my family in peace as I can no
longer accept the pains I am going through.

My purpose of contacting you is to donate the last of my family savings to you
so that you can help me disbursed it as charity to the less privilege, victims
of war and poor before I die.

Please acknowledge my email for more details via this email:

Mrs. Nusrat Hameed Al-Ghrari

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